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October 6, 2006

Raymond Meeks

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I like getting mail. Not email. Mail. I also like getting magazines. The New Yorkers pile up and I’m lucky if I get to the cartoons, but it makes me happy to find it in the mail. My favorite mail is actually a catalogue. The folks at Photo-Eye are doing such a fantastic job with their Booklist. Beautiful printing, excellent (and surprisingly honest) reviews, and my favorite subject – photography books. What could be better?

The current issue of Booklist profiles Raymond Meeks. Meeks has been producing beautiful one-of-a-kind books by combining his own pictures with secondhand books. Minna and Myself combines Meeks images of his daughter with the poetry of Maxwell Bodenheim:


In an interview with Darius Himes, the editor of Booklist, Meeks talks about his process:

My process is like the proverbial “roadmap in the wilderness”; it’s not really a conscious one and I have lots of help from my son, Adam, who did the layout and sequencing for Sound of Summer Running. Adam was 12 at the time and I continue to frustrate him with my anal retentive design choices – centering images on a page – where he would take a more whimsical, less predictable approach to layout.

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  1. An amazing photographer does something amazing, and I’m amazed.
    You would think I’d be bored, Oh here comes raymond again, amazing ,amazing same old stuff.

    Comment by Darrrell — September 19, 2007 @ 12:33 am

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