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October 9, 2006

Two films (by photographers) about fatherhood

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Danny Lyon has continued to produce autobiographical material alongside his social documentary work. While I’m a big fan of his photographs, I’ve never seen his films. On his website,, you can see a clip of Born to Film (1982). The film intersperses footage of his young son with film shot in the 1930’s by Lyon’s father, a doctor who immigrated from Germany.

Joel Meyerowitz describes his outstanding documentary film, Pop:

In November 1995, my son Sasha and I flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to pick up my father, Hy, who has Alzheimer’s disease. We took him on a slow, back road journey up to New York City, where he was born. Although I could articulate the purpose of the trip before it began, the depth of the experience and its real meaning became clearer to me as the trip unfolded. This was to be an odyssey. Three men, three generations of the Meyerowitz family–my father, a retired salesman, myself, a photographer and filmmaker and my son, also a filmmaker, each of us exactly 30 years apart–would travel together from Florida to New York City–to the Bronx actually–where my father had lived most of his life and where I was born. Our quest was to see if along the way the adventures and experiences we would have could stimulate his now rapidly failing memory.

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