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January 4, 2007

Quotes n’ Links

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“Life long ago pushed its wet nose between art’s legs and took a deep, doggy sniff.” Seattle Post Intellligencer art critic Regina Hackett surveys the landscape of newspaper art criticism on her lively blog

“How do you strip away the pretenses without being left in your metaphorical underwear?” American Photo surveys the landscape of blogs by photographers (including Zoe and yours truly).

“My favorite artists make art that is inexplicable, even to someone like me, who spends a lot of time specifically thinking about and looking at art.” Jenelle Porter’s Top 10 Contemporary Artists (including Zoe), “Each one underrecognized, female, and ineffably awesome,” in The Believer.

“What I wanted was every last thing, every layer of speech and thought, stroke of light on bark or walls, every smell, pothole, pain, crack, delusion, held still and held together – radiant, everlasting.” Alice Monro (an author I’ve recently discussed) is calling it quits. As reported in the Toronto Star, Monro announced that she is finished writing because she has used up all of her material and has nothing left to say.

“Is giving in to the photographer’s presumably natural impulse to compose and light well sometimes OK and not OK other times?” David Byrne questions the appropriateness of depicting tragedy as beautiful on his blog.

“We better get used to living without visual boundaries–and with the curiosity and flexible morality of the viewer as the only limit on what we can see–from now on.” Richard B. Woodward discusses the Saddam Hussein cellphone video and the YouTube era in today’s Wall Street Journal.

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  1. The Alice Munro story is false. She has denied it, said she was taken out of context.

    Comment by Robert Meier — January 4, 2007 @ 10:05 pm

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